Dentures at the Bellaire dental clinic.

Going on Vacation? Get Your Dentures Before You Leave

If you are planning a trip of a lifetime or going to a place you’ve gone before, get there with a bright and beautiful smile. If your teeth are suffering due to age, wear and tear, or other common problems, then come receive dentures at our Bellaire dental clinic. Dentures can be a life-altering dental

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School is out for the summer. Get your kids dental appointment done at our Bellaire dental clinic.

Summer Is Here! Bring the Kids for Pediatric Dentistry

School has now let out for the summer, which means kids will no longer have to deal with extracurricular activities, late night homework, school projects, and early mornings. Now is the perfect time to schedule their dental appointments with our pediatric dentist. SUMMERTIME AND KIDS DENTISTRY During the summer, many kids don’t focus on their

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Tooth extraction at Bellaire dental office.

4 Things Not To Do After a Tooth Extraction

At Bright Value Dental, we often have to perform tooth extractions. These are typically wisdom teeth that have to be removed. Regardless of which teeth need to be removed, there are certain steps every patient must take to ensure their post-operative recovery goes smoothly. In our most recent blog post, we discussed four things you

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Wisdom teeth and tooth extractions at Bellaire's Bright Value Dental.

4 Things to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are never fun, but whenever they take place, they are done out of necessity. At Bright Value Dental, our Bellaire dentists conduct tooth extractions quite often, whether due to bothersome wisdom teeth or heavy tooth decay. A tooth extraction is oral surgery and with any surgery, there is the required time for recuperation.

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Baseball players need kids dentistry in Bellaire.

Baseball and Kids Dentistry Go Hand-in-Hand

The baseball season has started up, which means the Astros are on their way to contending for a repeat World Series Championship. It’s also the time when kids are gearing up for Little League and high school baseball, which means there will be plenty of unhealthy food to go around. Baseball is full of peanuts,

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Bellaire pediatric dentist with girl brushing teeth.

Find Your Best Kids Dentist in Bellaire

Kids teeth are very important to their overall health. Making certain they grow in strong and healthy will help ensure they remain healthy. At Bright Value Dental, our kids dentist understands the importance of monitoring a child’s teeth as they come in and as they grow. Our Bellaire dental clinic provides pediatric dentistry for our

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At our Bellaire dental clinic, we create dentures and dental bridges through prosthodontics.

Beautify Your Smile with Houston Dentures

Our Houston dental office provides patients with prosthodontic options. This procedure replaces teeth for patients who are missing many or all of their teeth. Prosthodontics is known as the art of creating dentures, bridges, and other false teeth options. Easter is coming up, which means many families will be getting together and taking photos. If

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Spring break in Houston at our Bellaire kids dental office.

Get Your Kids Teeth Fixed for Spring Break

Spring break is coming up. Now is a great time to bring the kids in for a oral checkup or take care of any dental issues they may be having. For most students, spring break is March 10-18 or March 17-25. Our kids dentist recommends parents start preparing for a dental visit during their child’s

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Dentures have become very important for the restoration of normal oral functionality.

Making Life Normal Again with Dentures

Dentures have proven to be incredibly important for dental patients who have struggled through having few or no teeth at all. People who are missing all of their teeth or a large portion of their teeth know how difficult simple oral functions can be. When patients have only a few teeth, it makes common things,

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Our Bellaire and Sharpstown area dental office is great for kids.

Our Bellaire Dentist Office Is Perfect for Kids

Getting the kids to the dentist office often takes a lot of haggling and sometimes a bit of incentive. At Bright Value Dental, we understand the struggle to get kids into the dental chair, which is why we ensure kids have a great time at our Bellaire dentist office. Our pediatric dentists love working with

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