General Dentistry


General & Family Dentistry

Our Houston dental office provides general dentistry for patients of all ages to promote a family's complete oral health.

At Bright Value Dental, our general dentistry includes oral checkups and dental examinations, dental fillings, crowns, and any other necessary dental treatment. Our dentists work hard to ensure that every dental patient has a healthy and beautiful smile. In order to keep our patients orally healthy, our family dentists also educate patients, including children, about oral hygiene. This is the fundamental practice of keeping teeth strong, clean and free of cavities.

Tooth Pain

If you experience tooth pain, then have one of our general dentists evaluate the situation to correct the problem.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Don't let a broken or chipped tooth cause you to cover your smile. Let our Houston dentist restore your smile.

Cavities & Decay

Tooth decay is a major oral problem, but our general dentists can help keep your family's teeth clear of cavities.

Tooth Stains

Over time, teeth can become darkened due to a patient's diet, but we can brighten and beautify your smile.


At Bright Value Dental, we work with all of our patients so that paying for their dental procedure, regardless of the type, is not a hassle. We conduct simple payment plans and accept various types of payments, including credit, debit, and cash. We also utilize Care Credit for major operations, like oral surgery.


Our southwest Houston dental office accepts nearly every type of PDP, DPPO, and PPO dental insurance plans. We also accept Medicare, CHIP, and Medicaid.